Lee Jun Ki to Appear on “Healing Camp”

Actor Lee Jun Ki continues his successful comeback to the entertainment scene. According to reports in local news agencies, he is scheduled to appear on an episode of SBS talk show “Healing Camp.” Reports further said the actor’s guest spot is shot in Jeju Island.

Lee Jun Ki was overdue for an appearance in “Healing Camp.” He was originally set to have his guest spot on “Healing Camp” in December 2012, but had difficulty fitting in a recording session in between his other activities and commitments, which prompted the production to reschedule him to a later date.

Lee Jun Ki was discharged from his mandatory military service in February 2012, after which he embarked on a drama, MBC’s “Arang and the Magistrate.” He was also busy reuniting with his fans in China and Japan, as well as releasing a record in Japan. 

The actor is yet to announce his follow-up project.