Pre-Debut Girls’ Generation Member Lee Hwan Hee to Comeback with New Single

Lee Hwan Hee, a previous SM-trainee who was part of Girls’ Generation before their debut, is set to make her comeback this year.

On January 7 her agency, Worthy Entertainment, released teaser stills from the music video of her single “Monroe’s Heel.” In the pictures, Lee Hwan Hee looks directly into the camera with smokey eye makeup and studded accessories.

With this solo debut, Lee Hwan Hee is hoping to establish herself an identity that is more than just “Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun’s best friend,” “Girls’ Generation’s tenth member,” and “SM Trainee.”

“Monroe’s Heel” was composed by Kim Gun Woo and it is about how a woman puts on high heels so she can be just as sexy as Marilyn Monroe. The melody has a stylish beat under a guitar and synth sound. The music video will show Lee Hwan Hee giving a sexy and powerful performance, which is a completely different image from the one she showed with her debut single, “Secret.”

A representative from Worthy Entertainment said, “After releasing the teaser still, on January 11 we will release the teaser for the title song ‘Monroe’s Heel.’ On January 15, she will have a showcase in Cheongdamdong. After being hidden in the music industry for so long, Lee Hwan Hee will finally shine. Please anticipate it.”

Predebut picture with Hyoyeon and Tiffany