Girls’ Generation Shares Some Thoughts on Sunye’s Marriage

Girls’ Generation shared some of their own thoughts on the Wonder Girls’ leader Sunye’s unexpected marriage that is scheduled to take place on January 26. There has been a lot of talk on an idol getting married at such an early age and it has garnered much attention from both the Korean entertainment world and the fans.

Girl’s Generation sent a congratulations message to Sunye through their interview that took place in Apgujeong-dong, southern Seoul.

Leader Taeyeon happily said, “Many of our members are very close to Sunye. We already met the groom-to-be and we were so envious. We are so happy for them.”

When asked how they feel towards Sunye’s marriage at such a young age, Seohyun expressed, “I think that it’s a really happy thing to meet someone you can spent the rest of your life with at such an early stage in your life.”

Following Seohyun’s words, the members asked each other who will most likely get married first out of all of them, and Tiffany laughingly said, “Whoever gets married, we’re going to be so happy for her. But she will need to get the members’ permission first.”

Girls’ Generation is currently promoting their fourth album “I Got a Boy,” which earned much praise from famous U.S media including Billboard, MTV, Popdust, and many more.