JeA Promotes Her Album in Latest Cute Selca

Brown Eyed GirlsJeA is having fun while she diligently works to promote her own album.

On January 8, she wrote on her Twitter “Just JeA” and took 4 pictures with her precious hard work.

All 4 pictures look pretty similar with JeA holding her album. But, on a closer look, the hand position clues the viewer that it’s most likely someone else holding her album. She titles her head down for an ulzzang pose and keeps the background simple with a white wall and black sofa.

Netizens who saw her picture commented, “Can’t tell her age by looking at her face,” “She’s so different with her image on stage,” “It’s strange, but she’s getting younger as the days go by.”

Meanwhile, JeA released her solo album “Just JeA” on January 4 and is currently busy with promotions.

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