2NE1’s Minzy Plays With Makeup and Creates Smokey Eyes

2NE1’s maknae, Minzy shared a picture of herself where she did her own make up.

On January 9, her picture was posted on YG’s official me2day along with the caption “Minzy’s currently obsessed with self make up these days! Minzy did her whole make up by herself and we’re sharing it with our YG me2day users! How is it? Not too shabby even if it’s her first time, right?”

Inside the picture, Minzy slightly tilts to the side to emphasize her smokey eyes. It contrasts beautifully with her flawless skin and pink lipstick. Her makeup plus her hair and outfit brings out her cool and chic appeal.

Netizens who saw her picture commented, “Minzy’s into self make up now that she’s 20! She’s so cute I can die,” “This looks quite professional. Can’t believe it’s her first time. She probably learned a lot from her unnis,” “It seems like she became an adult already,” “She looks really good with smokey eyes.”