Kim Sung Ryung:

On December 9, a press conference for the upcoming drama, “Night King” was held at the SBS hall in Seoul.

Two of the cast members, Kim Sung Ryung (45) and DBSK‘s Jung Yunho (27), spoke about their on-screen and off-screen relationship.

Kim Sung Ryung said, “Since we play brother and sister in the drama, I wanted to get along with Yunho so I got his phone number. But it was embarrassing to call him and I didn’t know what to say. I texted him with a “Happy New Year” message though. It’s weird to hear him call me nuna but I can see that he’s trying too.”

“I sent him another long text, saying how it would be nice to get close if we want to act like a real brother and sister on the screen. I said that it would be hard since Yunho is an idol but I told him that we should work hard together. But I didn’t get an answer for a really long time so I started to tell other people but then I got a really nice text from him saying, ‘Senior, I really hope we can work together well too.’ He even called me to say he was on his way to the set. These days, we text at least once a day. There is a certain strength that a text can give you. Even when we meet at the set, he really seems like my younger brother and I want to protect him. I think this helped a lot when we acted.”

Kim Sung Ryung plays the role of Baek Do Kyung, who is the eldest daughter of Bae Hak Group’s CEO, Baek Chang Hak. Yunho plays Baek Do Hoon, who is her younger brother. Baek Do Kyung is cold to everyone but her brother. But when she meets Haryu (Kwon Sang Woo), she falls in love with him.

Yunho’s character, Baek Do Hoon was raised without much hardships due to the fact that his father is a conglomerate CEO and his sister is a lot older than him. He is a very honest person who doesn’t hold grudges. In the drama, many women try to make him fall for them but he has no interest in any of them. But Do Hoon will meet Joo Da (Soo Ae) and fall in love with her for the first time in his life.

Yunho commented, “I saw Sung Ryung nuna’s text after presenting an award at an awards ceremony. In the drama, she takes care of me like a mother since our age difference is pretty big. Her character has a lot of aegyo [cute charm] and playfully whines too. She is very comfortable to me. I think our drama character traits are carrying over to real life as well. We talk about our dilemmas and worries a lot. I think that will show in our characters during the drama.

Kim Sung Ryung continued, “In the drama, I touch Yunho’s butt a lot. It’s like a habit and an expression of affection. When else am I going to have this chance? I am slightly afraid of the negative comments from netizens though. But I believe that fans will view it in a good way.”

“Night King” will air its pilot episode on January 14.

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