Kwon Sang Woo Talks About the Difference Between Acting with Soo Ae and Go Hyun Jung

On January 9 at the production presentation of SBS’s upcoming “Night King,” actor Kwon Sang Woo praised his co-star Soo Ae. “Night King” is to be Kwon Sang Woo’s comeback drama since he completed “Dae Mul” in 2010.

Kwon Sang Woo stated, “Unlike me who gives a flighty impression, Go Hyun Jung and Soo Ae give off stable and steady vibes.”

He continued, “When I heard about the character of the first lady in this drama, I couldn’t really think of any particular actress for this role. Yet when I heard Soo Ae was chosen, I knew she would be perfect. I think this drama will turn out great, as long as I do my best.”

When asked to describe the difference in his roles in “Dae Mul” and “Night King,” Kwon Sang Woo answered, “In ‘Dae Mul,’ my character did not have a huge role in terms of the plot and so I did not feel too much pressure. However in ‘Night King,’ the love and hate relationship between Soo Ae and myself is a big part of the storyline.”

“Night King” will tell a story of an ambitious woman who will do anything to become the first lady, and a man who loves this woman. The first episode will air on January 14, 2013.