2NE1 Turns Parking Garage Into A Photo Shoot Set

Girl group 2NE1 minus Bom, recently had fun taking a silly photo at a parking garage with adorable stuffed dolls. 

On January 9, CL instagrammed the trio comprised of Minzy, Dara and herself striking different poses that captured each of their bright and unique personalities at the parking garage.

In the photo, CL makes a silly face while grabbing onto the orange cone and rilakkuma doll, while Sandara Park looks poised to hurl her doll in the air and Minzy can be seen in the background spreading both arms and lifting one leg in an adorable, carefree fashion. 

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “2NE1 is so cute when they play around”, “Thanks CL for uploading more pics of the group!”, “They have such strong poses!”, “This looks like it was for a photo shoot spread”, “I think Minzy looks the cutest”, “Sandara Park is overflowing with mischievousness” and “Where was Park Bom in this photo?”