“Strong Heart” to End with Girls’ Generation Special

Just-back-on-the-scene girl group Girls’ Generation are the last guests on “Strong Heart.” According to reports in local news agencies, all members of Girls’ Generation confirmed their participation on January 10 and are scheduled to film on January 17 for their guest spot on the SBS talk show, currently making headlines for news of cancellation.

As what is expected from the format of the show, Girls’ Generation members are to reveal stories about themselves and also about their latest release, their fourth Korean full album, “I Got a Boy.”

“For the last episode of ‘Strong Heart,’ all nine members appeared on the show. It would be fitting to end the show with the top girl group, Girls’ Generation and make it a Girls’ Generation special,” a representative from the “Strong Heart” production was quoted as saying. 

The Girls’ Generation special episode on “Strong Heart” will be the last episode to be filmed. “Strong Heart” first aired in October 2009, under the helm of director Park Sang Hyuk, who is leaving the country.

Meanwhile, news reports say SBS is preparing a follow-up show, with strong buzz surrounding actress Kim Hee Sun as host