Kim Soo Hyun’s Handwriting Attracts Attention

As the face of premium dessert Petitzel, Kim Soo Hyun left a New Year’s greeting on Petitzel official Facebook page, where he posted a handwritten note.

In the short note, the actor wrote a bucket list of things he would like to achieve in 2013. Some of his wishes included his hope that his new movie “Covertly, Grandly” receives a lot of love from moviegoers, as well as hope his hope that Petitzel continues to receive love from many people.

Netizens were especially drawn to Kim Soo Hyun’s handwriting. Unlike his clean-cut handsome face, his handwriting was adorable and tiny. Those who’ve seen Kim Soo Hyun’s bucket list commented, “Even Kim Soo Hyun’s handwriting is good looking,” “I can’t wait for his new movie,” “I hope all your wishes come true,” and more.

Currently, Kim Soo Hyun is busy filming his latest movie, “Covertly, Grandly,” where he stars as a North Korean flower boy spy who’s dispatched to South Korea. While undercover in South Korea, he pretends to be cute local idiot.