Kim Soo Hyun Displays Special Affections for Suzy

Recently, an online community forum posted couple screen captures of Kim Soo Hyun and miss A’s Suzy interacting under the title “Suzy receiving affections at the filming site.”

The images were taken from the behind the scenes filming of KBS’s hit drama “Dream High.” Kim Soo Hyun playfully cups Suzy’s face with his hands and the man behind also joins in.

Netizens who saw the screen captures commented, “The two look so good together,” “I’d love it if I can receive such affections from Kim Soo Hyun,” “I’m so jealous of Suzy.”

Meanwhile, Suzy has been cast as the lead alongside Lee Seung Gi in MBC’s upcoming drama “Gu Family Book.” Kim Soo Hyun is currently busy filming for the movie “Secret to Greatness,” which is an adaptation of the webtoon with the same name.