Pictures of Girls’ Generation on Their Way to Work Are Revealed

Recently on an online community, several photos were released along with a message, “Girls’ Generation going to work to ‘Music Bank.’ This is what they look like in real life.”

In the pictures are members of Girls’ Generation who got up early to get to the filming of KBS’s “Music Bank.” Tiffany and YoonA look serious with their headphones and appear to have the full stage makeup for their performance of “I Got a Boy.”

Yuri, on the other hand, is smiling and waving at the fans, while Sunny looks sleepy with her eyes half closed.

Netizens who saw these pictures commented, “Girls’ Generation are pretty even early in the morning,” “Sunny is so cute,” “They are so lovely,” “Tiffany looks chic,” “I would love to meet YoonA in person,” “They look gorgeous,” “They look tired.”

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation recently released their new song, “I Got a Boy.”