Kim Soo Hyun Looks Adorable in Latest Shaggy Hairstyle

Earlier today, photos of Kim Soo Hyun at the set of his new movie surfaced various online communities, giving netizens a glimpse into the young actor’s latest role. The photos, titled “Kim Soo Hyun Spotted Filming,” showed the actor as his latest character, rocking green sweats and shaggy hair.

The photos were taken at the set of “Covertly Grandly.” Just like the popular webtoon character he’s playing, Kim Soo Hyun is decked in a green tracksuit with a bowl cut hairstyle. His new style is a stark contrast to Kim Soo Hyun’s normally clean-cut flower boy look he’s well known for.

Netizens who’ve seen the photo commented, “How adorable,” “I can’t wait for this new movie,” “He looks completely focused and engrossed in this new role,” and more.

In “Covertly Grandly,” Kim Soo Hyun plays a North Korean flower boy spy who is dispatched to South Korea. While undercover in South Korea, he goes under the pretense of a cute local idiot.