SPEED’s Woo Taewoon and Block B Zico’s Duet Was Rejected for SPEED’s Final Tracklist

SPEED‘s Woo Taewoon and his brother, Block B‘s Zico had recorded a duet but the track has been rejected from SPEED’s album tracklist.

Woo Taewoon and Zico had recorded a duet to include in SPEED’s first full-length album. However, due to several problems, it had been rejected to the disappointment of many.

SPEED’s first full-length album, “Superior SPEED” consists of ten different tracks, which are written and composed by some of the hottest producers such as Shinsadong Tiger and Duble Sidekick. Shinsadong Tiger wrote their title track, “It’s Over” while Duble Sidekick wrote two of their tracks, “Sad Promise” and “Never Say Goodbye.”

SPEED is also creating buzz for their big-scale music video, which is reported to have cost over 7.5 million dollars. The music video stars top celebrities such as Park Bo Young, Ji Chang Wook, Ha Suk Jin and A Pink‘s Son Na Eun, which is not very common for a rookie group.

Many celebrities have also sent their message of support for SPEED through video clips. These stars include Im Soo Hyang, Oh Yoon Ah, Kang Min Kyung, Seo In Young, Kim Byung Man, Kwon Mi Jin and more.

Meanwhile, SPEED’s music videos for the drama and dance version of “It’s Over” was released on January 15.