Ahn Jung Hwan vs Hyun Bin – Who Is Better Looking in the Advertisement?

Soccer star Ahn Jung Hwan recalled the day when he shot a TV advertisement with Hyun Bin.

On January 15, Ahn Jung Hwan and wife Lee Hae Won appeared as guests on KBS’s variety talk show “Win Win.” During the show, the topic of Ahn Jung Hwan’s past cosmetic brand advertisement with Hyun Bin resurfaced. Because both of the guys looked so attractive in the advertisement, it was impossible to determine who was better looking. 

Ahn Jung Hwan said, “At the time, I thought I was better looking than him (Hyun Bin).” But then Ahn retracted his statement and said, “But now, I don’t think I can even be compared with him.”

When the soccer star’s wife was posed with the question, “Who’s better looking, your husband or Hyun Bin?” she hesitated and laughed before responding, “I’m scared of the consequences of answering that.” Smart answer!