Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Gets Teased by Peers on Talk Show

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun almost got involved in a scandal with Hong Suk Chun.

On the January 16 episode of MBC’s talk show “Radio Star,” Kyuhyun admitted, “Honestly, I am a cheater. I love both Super Junior fans and Radio Star fans.”

After Hong Suk Chun’s name came up in conversation, the emcees questioned Kyuhyun, “Don’t you have a lover?” Kyuhyun strongly denied this. However, the emcees teased the singer again by asking, “Didn’t you just come from Itaewon? I can smell Indian food from you.” Kyuhyun shut down the speculation by saying, “I went to Itaewon last week, but I didn’t meet Hong Suk Chun.”

He further joked, “I don’t want my first scandal to be one involving Hong Suk Chun,” making the audience laugh.

Last week, Hong Suk Chun made headlines for playfully hitting on Kyuhyun during “Radio Star.”