A Male Celebrity Resembles miss A’s Suzy When Dressed as a Girl

Can you guess who this male celebrity is? He got his big break as the leading male in KBS’s hit drama “Dream High” and cemented his popularity as last year’s ratings king with MBC’s drama “Moon that Embraces the Sun.” He’s worked with Suzy many times from drama “Dream High” to magazine spreads and various CFs. He is none other than Kim Soo Hyun. Did you guess correctly?

Some netizen found a lot of time on his (or her) hands and decided to run a picture of the current hot celebrity when he dressed up as a girl through the “find your celebrity look-alike” application. The result? miss A’s Suzy.

Netizens who heard of the results quickly added their opinion on the community forum with the picture. Some of the comments include, “Kim Soo Hyun’s past picture. He looks prettier than a girl,” “Wow, he does look like Suzy,” “He looks like Suzy. Profound,” “Since they look alike, they seem like brothers and sisters.”

And just for kicks, the application guessed that he’s 99% similar to Girls’ Generation’s Jessica, 85% similar to After School’s Jooyeon and 81% similar to Hwang Jung Eum.

Well, the application and netizens have spoken. Soompiers, it’s your turn. Does he or does he not look like Suzy or any of the female celebrities listed?

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