Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA Shows Off Her Shoes in Latest Selca

Brown Eyed GirlsJeA updated her fans with several pictures of herself during work hours.

On January 18, she posted two pictures on her twitter with the short caption, “Heehee. This is JeA~” (author’s note: she typed the message cutely. In English, it would be similar to “Thish ish JeAh~”)

She poses cutely in front of a door in the right hand picture. The paper taped to the door clues in that she’s a guest for Mnet’s variety talk show “Beatles Code 2.” On the left, she gives off a sexier vibe as she points to her trendy black boots. She stays classy with a black and white long sleeved shirt and a black miniskirt.

Netizens who saw the pictures commented, “JeA is bragging her beautiful shoes,” “Such a goddess,” “She’s getting prettier,” “Please share more pictures of you more often,” “You’re pretty~ Your shoes, your clothes and your face.”

Meanwhile, JeA released her solo album “Just JeA” on January 4 and is currently busy with promotions. She previously talked about her album in a past interview.