Sandara Park’s New Selca Causes People to Question Her Age Once Again

2NE1‘s Sandara Park, who turned 28 years old this year, is once again garnering attention for her youthful beauty.

 On January 19, YG Entertainment posted a photo of Sandara Park on their official me2day. Along with the photo, they posted the message, “The 2nd rare item found on YG’s official me2day! Dara, who has fresh vocals! What is Da-rong doing in this picture? 1. Warming up her lips. 2. Cutie pose? The hint is ‘Before going up on stage…’ She is such a pro!”

 In the photo, Sandara Park is making a funny face while squeezing her cheeks with her hand. It wouldn’t be hard to believe her if she said she was twenty-something due to her clear skin and her striking beauty.

 Netizens who came across the photo commented, “Vampire Sandara~ She is such a baby-faced beauty,” “Even her frowning expression is so pretty,” “She is pretty and has a professional mindset,” and more.