Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA and Baek Ji Young Pose for the Camera

On January 19, girl group Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA posted a picture of herself with fellow singer Baek Ji Young, and added a message, “A picture with goddess Baek Ji Young. Since we’re both performing solo, we share the waiting room from time to time and she is such an angel for monitoring my performances~ So sad for this week’s last performance.”

This picture was taken right before KBS2 music program “Music Bank,” and netizens who saw the photo commented, “JeA is so pretty,” “The goddesses of ballad songs,” “JeA seems to have many social connections as well,” “Looks good,” “JeA’s song is great” and “JeA is so charming.”

JeA is currently busy promoting her new solo single “While You Were Asleep.”