G-Dragon Collaborates with Influential Designer + Poses with CL in London

The two fashionable leaders from YG Entertainment’s current idol groups, 2NE1 and Big Bang, spent a night out on the town- not in Seoul, but in London.

On January 19, CL updated her instagram with the picture and included a short caption “YEAR ZERO LONDON.” (Year Zero is a fashion store known for custom-made creations. Beyonce, Madonna and the Beckhams are a few of their well-known clients.)

Inside the picture, the two pose cooly inside the fashion store behind their shades. Their charisma fills up the whole room. G-Dragon previously shared a picture of himself with a cool new bag from the store.

Netizens who saw the picture commented, “G-Dragon’s fashion sense is amazing,” “Of course, it’s G-Dragon,” “G-Dragon’s style is the best,” “You look good in pink,” “CL’s body is daebak,” “CL’s abs are sexy.”

Meanwhile, G-Dragon collaborated with influential designer Nicola Formichetti. G-Dragon penned the track “I Am Mugler,” which was used at men’s clothing brand Mugler’s 2013 F/W fashion show. The designer previously worked with Lady Gaga. He shared why he chose G-Dragon for this season’s fashion show, “I wasn’t sure that Big Bang’s music was right. It’s too pop for what I wanted to do with the season, but G-Dragon’s solo career has a lot more rap, trance, a lot more techno.”