Sandara’s Pre-Photoshopped Photo Displays Her Shockingly Perfect Beauty

On her Twitter on January 21, 2ne1’s Sandara Park uploaded a photo along with a message, “I have finally reached 500,000 followers! To show my appreciation, I have shared with you a photo of myself. It is a picture taken with a digital camera during the Cleo photo shoot. It has not been photoshopped yet, so please be nice. I thank you for your love and support~ Please continue to love 2ne1!”

In the picture is Sandara wearing an off-shoulder orange sweater and focusing on the photo shoot. With her shimmering skin and beautifully long neck, Sandara looks soft and feminine in this picture.

Fans who saw this photo admired, “So how beautiful would she look on a photoshopped picture?” “She looks unbelievable even without Photoshop,” “How could her skin look so flawless?” “I don’t think any editing is necessary here.”