Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA: “Brown Eyed Girls Spend More on Eating than Girls’ Generation”

Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA appeared on the most recent episode of KBS “Vitamin” for their diet special episode and revealed how much Brown Eyed Girls spend on food on average.

She stated, “While preparing for my solo album, I exercised regularly and limited my diet for a healthier and sexier body. But whenever we try to go on a strict diet as a group, it usually doesn’t work out since all members make sure that they get to eat every meal.”

She added, “And yet, my members are always so conscious about their health. As a result, we go to costly places like organic restaurants and high-end traditional Korean restaurants for almost every meal. We end up spending more on food than Girls’ Generation does with all nine members.” 

Netizens commented on Brown Eyed Girls’ expensive eating habits, “Is it really because the food is expensive?” “Look at them, they cannot eat too much!” “How much do they eat for a meal?” and “Well, they are still skinny no matter how much they spend on food!”