Girls’ Generation’s Jessica Shares How They Tried to Watch Adult Films at a Hotel

The members of the Girls’ Generation recently revealed the story of how they tried to watch porn in the past.

On January 23, Girls’ Generation appeared as guests on MBC’s “Radio Star.” During the episode, MC Yoon Jong Shin asked the girls, “Do girls also talk about racy things?” Then Jessica stepped up and answered for the group. She said, “When you go to hotels overseas, those kinds of films just show up on TV. We tried several times, right?”

Jessica revealed how the girls went back to their hotel after a concert overseas. They saw that there was pay-per-view adult films on television and were about to watch it. Jessica continued, “We were about to watch it but after we found out that the pay-per-view film gets printed on each hotel room’s receipt, we quickly decided not to go through with our plan,” making everyone laugh.

Meanwhile, the Girls’ Generation members shared a variety of personal stories and happenings throughout their busy schedules and activities such as Sooyoung‘s scandal with Won Bin, Jessica’s “headbanging” controversy and Seohyun‘s story about getting blacklisted at airport security.