Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Is the Master of Expressions

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA has established herself as the master of expressions.

On the recent episode of MBC’s “Golden Fishery – Radio Star,” YoonA surprised everyone by revealing that she went through more than 200 acting auditions. She started, “As a result, I’ve developed a thick skin and confidence.”

YoonA continued, “One time, they asked to me to pretend that I was shopping at a mall. I gained a lot of confidence after that audition.” The MCs could not resist at the opportunity and asked YoonA to reenact the scene from her audition. Without any hesitation, YoonA proceeded to shop for rings, delighting the MCs and her fellow members. She further entertained the viewers by showing an array of emotions while “shopping,” earning herself the title “the master of expressions.”

Yuri piped up, “One time, I went to go audition for a shampoo commercial, and they asked me to pretend I was showering.”