Haha’s Wife Byul Is 3 Months Pregnant

Singer and TV personality Haha revealed that his wife is pregnant!

On January 25, he wrote a message on his twitter.

“Everyone, please congratulate us! I have finally become a dad! I have become a man. Our baby is now 3 months old and is really healthy! Aigoo, so embarrassed. I really wanted to tell my members, my company and everyone this whole time it was hard! But I was told that I should wait until the baby’s growth has been stabilized before I said anything so I forced myself to be mum! The baby is really healthy! You will pray so that our Dream (author’s note: their nickname for the baby before s/he’s born) will grow tall, right? Congratulations! Please send us many congratulations! Thank you! I will go on a temporary vacation.”

Haha married singer Byul and their wedding ceremony was held at the 63 building on November 30. Haha is currently loved for his participation in SBS’s variety program “Running Man” and both celebrities have been in the industry for a long time. Many celebrities attended their wedding, which is telling and proof of their easygoing personalities.