MBC Music Core 01.25.13

This week’s episode of Music Core featured the comeback performance of girl group Nine Muses. They performed their title track “Dolls” and also their song “Look At Me.”

Soloist Eric Nam had his debut performance today with “Heaven’s Door.” Girl group Crayon Pop also had their comeback performance with “Bing Bing.”

Also, after promoting “I Got a Boy” this past month, it is now time for Girls’ Generation to complete their promotions for their song and have their goodbye stage.

Check out the teasers for next week’s comeback by SISTAR19 and DMNT (formerly Dalmatian) on page 2!

Comeback Stage
Nine Muses – “Look At Me” – “Dolls”
HOT Debut
Eric Nam – “Heaven’s Door”
Good-bye Stage
Girls’ Generation – “I Got A Boy”
HOT Stage
CNBLUE – “I’m Sorry”
2YOON – “24/7”
Infinite H – “Special Girl”
Boyfriend – “I Yah”
Volume UP Stage
Moon Heejun – “I’m not O.K”
VIXX – “On And On”
SPEED – “It’s Over”
Hello Venus – “What Are You Doing Today”
GLAM – “I Like That”
Baechigi (feat. Ailee) – “Shower Of Tears”
Phantom – “Like Cho Young Pil”
TINY-G – “Minimanimo”
Airplane – “It’s Pretty”
New Song
Mr.Mr – “Highway”
Crayon Pop – “Bing Bing”

Girls’ Generation



Infinite H


 Go to page 2 for performances by Nine Muses, Baechigi (feat. Ailee), VIXX, Hello Venus, Eric Nam, GLAM, Phantom, SPEED, Tiny-G, Mr. Mr., Airplane, Crayon Pop.

Moon Hee Jun

Nine Muses

Baechigi (feat. Ailee)


Hello Venus

Eric Nam





Mr. Mr.


Crayon Pop

SISTAR19 Teaser

DMTN Teaser

MC Cuts