Lee Jong Suk from drama “School 2013” Shows Off His Model Force

Actor Lee Jong Suk from the drama “School 2013” showed off his model posture through a picture he posted on his me2day. Along with the photo, he wrote, “Ppooroopoopoo. I received these shoes from a sponsor and this picture looks good so I’m uploading it. Ah it’s so cold! Let’s wear long johns! We’re going to freeze to death if we try to dress up!”

In the picture, Lee Jong Suk is holding yellow-colored sneakers and making a V with his fingers towards the camera. While wearing the school uniform he usually shows up in the drama “School 2013,” he displays that his past as a model surely did not disappear, and the actor’s tall height is one of the many great attributes the model possesses.

Netizens who saw the picture commented, “He still looks handsome even if he doesn’t dress up,” “How can he look so cool even he’s just leaning his shoulder to that wall…,” and “I’m so sad that the drama is going to end soon.”