“School 2013’s” Lee Jong Suk Trained to be an Idol for 3 Months

Actor Lee Jong Suk revealed that he trained to be a member of a idol group.

On the January 26 broadcast of KBS “Entertainment Weekly,” the actor confessed, “I trained for about three months to be in an idol group.”

The actor shared on what made him want to be an actor. “It’s not like I saw ‘Full House‘ in middle school and wanted to be an actor. I actually thought Rain was so cool that I wanted to be a singer.” 

When he had made it into an agency it did not go the way he planned. “I went into an agency who offered to train me in acting, and they put me in modeling. I think I went into the wrong company because they made me debut as a model,” he explained. “I left the model agency and entered a music one. There I prepared to debut in an idol group. After training for three months I ran out.”