JeA’s Sexy Abs Receives Belated Attention

Brown Eyed GirlsJeA proves that not all idols in girl groups are super thin. Even though she’s on the thinner side, she boasts 2 pack abs!

On January 28, she posted the picture on her twitter and explained why she brought up an old picture. “Fans told me that not too long ago, [variety program] ‘3 Turns’ showed this picture on their show with someone else’s name. This is me, JeA, 3 years ago. I will soon have this figure.”

Inside the picture, JeA looks youthful with her long, straight dark brown hair. She uses all the ulzzang know-hows by tilting her head to the side and pouting her cheeks. She rolls up her shirt to reveal 2 pack abs, which is unusual for girl group members who would sport “11 abs” at most.

Netizens praised her for her toned body and commented along the lines of “JeA’s body is daebak,” “I wonder how long it took for her to exercise to attain that kind of figure,” “She’s going to bring back her figure from before? You’re always welcome.”

Meanwhile, JeA released her first solo album “Just JeA” on January 4 and is currently attending various promotions.