Baek Ji Young Denies Rumors of Her Hitting Her Junior Artists

On SBS’s “Strong Heart” that aired on January 28, singer Baek Ji Young denied the rumors of her being overly strict with the junior artists.

Baek Ji Young started by saying, “When I made my debut at the age of 24, most of the existing female singers were younger than me. I remember that Jung Hwa and In Soon were very nice to me.” Baek Ji Young also stated that none of the younger singers were ever rude to her.

When the MC asked her if she ever thought she was too strict to any of the newer singers, Baek Ji Young answered, “I have heard rumors that I am considered to be really scary.”

When it was mentioned that singer Seo In Young chose Baek Ji Young as the scary singer in the past, Baek Ji Young replied, “I have met Seo In Young before. She asked me not to hate her, and so I said to stop it. What I meant at the time was that she didn’t need to be scared of me, but I guess she took it the wrong way. Perhaps I didn’t word it right.”

Shin Dong Yup then asked, “Have you ever slapped anyone?”

Baek Ji Young answered, “I know people think so, but I have never even thought about hitting anyone. I’ve never swore to anyone either.”