2NE1’s Sandara Park Takes a Nap With Her Cat

Girl group 2NE1‘s Sandara Park showed that she is just as pretty when she sleeps.

On January 29 on her Me2Day she wrote, “Title: Next to me as a I sleep. I fell asleep after a long day that started early in the morning and Dadoongie fell asleep next to me. How cute. My baby. So Lovely. It’s been awhile since I put my hair in a bun. It’s too cold for the kitty these days. Please give the street cats some food. Cat Mom fighting.”

Along with the post she added a picture of her sleeping on a bed. We can see her cat snuggled up next to her knees.

Netizens who saw the picture pointed out Sandara’s sleeping beauty. “Sandara Park looks pretty when she is sleeping”, “Looks like a pictorial”, and “So lovely” were some of the comments.