2NE1’s Insightful Interview Covered by Complex Magazine

2NE1 had a chance to sit down for an interview with lifestyle magazine Complex, founded by American fashion designer Marc Ecko in 2002. The publication targets young men from college age to their early 30s and offers a range of topics from pop culture, sports, video games and more.

Published on January 30, the interview reveals more about the girls. They talk about other groups copying their styles, how CL and Minzy act like mom and dad and take care of the older two members, their goals 5 years from now and if Minzy is jealous of Girls’ Generation.

When asked what the members were afraid of, Dara answered, “Loneliness. After leaving the stage, when we’re back at our individual hotel rooms, I think all of us could agree, there’s this sense of emptiness. It’s a little difficult to explain.”

CL adds, “I think that applies to anyone who performed for a huge audience. It takes you all day to prepare for the show, and you give it your all on the stage. When you go home after such an ecstatic show, especially when we’re not in Korea, without our friends and family, it feels a bit surreal entering that hotel room. Where everything’s so clean, so organized, and it’s not a space you can claim as your own. You were just somewhere with thousands of people screaming, and then you’re somewhere awfully quiet. That contrast in surroundings, really affects the mood.”

They also had a fun time holding a fashion photoshoot. Click here if you’d like to see more!