Do You Know Your Korean Food? Part 1

Continuing on the trend of showing Korean culture, now we will talk about Korean foods! Check out the list and see if you know your Korean food! 

1. 비빔밥 – Bibimbap

In the picture After School’s Uee is pointing to a form of the signature Korean dish of “mixed rice.” (Bibimbap literally means mixed rice) A bowl of rice topped with sautéed and seasoned vegetables, chili paste, a raw or fried egg, and meat. Raw fish, raw beef, beef, chicken, and pork are all used depending on the style. The particular style of Bibimbap that Uee is pointing to is “Stone pot Bibimbap.” The stone pot is extremely hot!


2. 설렁탕 – Seolleongtang

The picture shows Yoon Si Yoon from “Flower Boy Next Door” eating Seolleongtang. Seolleongtang is a Korean broth soup made from ox bones, brisket, and other cuts. A lot of times people will mix this up with “Gomtang.” The main difference between the two soups is that Seolleongtang is made with broth from leg bones bones while Gomtang is made from broth from meat and various parts of an ox.

Although it is a bit confusing, there is still debate about the differences between the two soups. Some will argue that Seolleongtang is just one type of Gomtang.


3. 순두부 찌개 – Sundubu Jjigae

Sundubu Jjigae is a hot and spicy stew made with tofu, seafood, vegatables, mushrooms, onion, scallions, and chili powder or chili paste. Most of the time a raw egg is put into the bowl after the stew is cooked. The stew is usually served in “stone pots.” In the picture Shin Se Kyung is eating some on the set of “Deep Rooted Tree.”


4. 부대찌개 – Budae Jjigae

The picture shows Secret advertising a certain restaurant that serves Budae Jjigae. This stew literally means “Army base stew.” The story goes that food was scarce right after the Korean War. Some people used hot dogs, canned ham, and spam leftover from the base area and put it into a spicy stew. Now, it is a popular delicacy that many South Korean enjoy. It is a kimchi stew that contains ramen noodles, ground beef, sausages, onions, tofu, mushrooms, and many other ingredients depending on who is cooking it.


5. 갈비 – Kalbi or Galbi

Kalbi is grilled beef or pork ribs that are usually marinated in a type of soy sauce. In the picture 2NE1’s Sandara Park is shown eating some Kalbi. In the Korean language it literally means rib!


6. 불고기 – Bulgogi

Bulgogi is usually grilled marinated beef. However, the word Bulgogi is also used for marinated chicken or pork. In the picture, (although she isn’t a Korean celebrity) the celebrity Jessica Alba is shown enjoying some Bulgogi. Bulgogi literally means “Fire Beef” in Korean.


7. 칼국수 – Kalguksu

IU is shown in an advertisement for an instant Kalguksu brand. Kalguksu is a Korean noodle dish that consists of knife-cut wheat flour noodles served in a bowl of broth. Kalguksu literally means “knife noodles” and the noodles are cut.


8. 곰탕 – Gomtang

In the picture, Kara’s Goo Hara is shown having a bowl of Gomtang. Gomtang and Seullongtang are very similar. However, Gomtang is a boiled stew usually made up of beef and other parts of an ox. The word “Gom” actually means to boil for a long time. Gomtang usually takes about 6 hours to cook.


9. 냉면 – Naengmyeon

GirlsGeneration’s Jessica and Park Myung Soo sang the song “Naengmyeon” together for “Infinity Challenge.” The word Naengmyeon literally means “Cold Noodles.” Naengmyeon is a Korean cold noodle dish of long and thin handmade noodles. The cold soup is a tangy iced broth. Cucumbers, a boiled egg, some beef or raw fish, and slices of Korean pear are usually put on top of the noodles.


10. 된장찌개 – Dwenjang Jjigae

The image is from an episode of the TV show “Family Outing” that shows Yoo Jae Suk and Big Bang’s Daesung trying to cook some Dwenjang Jjigae. Dwenjang Jjigae is a stew made with soybean paste that is usually served in a stone pot. The stew also contains vegetables, mushrooms, seafood or meat, and tofu.


11. 삼계탕 – Samgyetang

The image shows the actors from “School” being treated to Samgyetang which was provided by Daniel Choi. Samgyetang is a soup which is boiled with chicken, ginseng, sweet rice, garlic, and ginger. The stew is considered healthy and is not really a “Korean-Only” soup. The soup is eaten in other Asian countries such as China.

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