miss A’s Suzy Personally Gives Kim Soo Hyun a Gift

miss A’s Suzy was recently spotted personally handing over a gift to Kim Soo Hyun.

The photos, titled “Suzy Giving Kim Soo Hyun a Present,” were shared on various online communities, piquing netizens’ interest. The photo was taken on January 24 while the two were in Thailand to film a CF for their endorsement deal with Bean Pole Outdoors.

In the photos, Suzy is seen passing off a gift wrapped in a clear bag to her co-star. The latter is also seen holding onto the gift tightly, as if afraid that someone might snatch it away from him. Both were dressed in matching all-black outfits. Suzy donned a sexy black mini-dress, while Kim Soo Hyun kept his look casual in black hat, jacket, and jeans.

Meanwhile, Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun’s latest pictorial for Bean Pole Outdoors will be unveiled on the brand’s official website sometime this February.