Mnet M! Countdown – January 31, 2013

Hip Hop duo Baechigi won Song of the week tonight with their “Shower of Tears“, beating CN Blue with their new single “I’m Sorry“. Congratulations to Baechigi!

New songs tonight by DMTN, Sistar19, HelloVenus and 4Men. Special MC’s tonight were ZE:A‘s Dongjun and Hyungsik and highlight of the night was the special stage by Super Junior-M, SME’s Chinese sub-unit who has been topping international charts and made their debut on Korean music shows!


Baechigi “Shower of tears”

Super Junior-M “Go” and “Breakdown”

Sistar19 “Sistar19” and “Gone, not around any longer”

4Men “Hello, it’s me”

Phantom “Like Choyogpil”

Moon Hee Jun “I’m not OK”

Nine Muses “Dolls”

DMTN “Safety Zone”

2Yoon “24/7”

VIXX “On and on”

HelloVenus “Romantic love”

SPEED “It’s over”

GLAM “I like that”

Boyfriend “I-Yah”

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