Picture of Kim Tae Hee and Han Ye Seul Together 9 Years Ago Resurfaces

Recently on an online community bulletin board, a picture was uploaded under the title, “Celebs with the smallest heads, Kim Tae Hee and Han Ye Seul.”

In the picture are actresses Kim Tae Hee and Han Ye Seul, who appeared on KBS’s drama “Nine Tailed Fox” that was broadcasted in 2004. Though it was nine years ago, both Kim Tae Hee and Han Ye Seul look the same as they do now.

Despite the fact that she is standing next to Han Ye Seul, who is known for her CD-sized head, Kim Tae Hee still looks beautiful with her equally small face.

Netizens who saw this picture admired, “They both have such small heads,” “Beautiful faces and great bodies,” “Beautiful picture,” “It looks like there are two mannequins in the picture.”