Girl’s Day Minah and Ailee Pose for a Smooch

Girl’s Day‘s Minah and solo singer Ailee revealed a cute picture together.

On February 2, Minah tweeted from her Twitter account a picture of the two singers along with the playful caption, “Big sister Minah bbo bbo, big sister Ailee chu chu,”

In the photo, Minah and Ailee are cuddling an adorable white dog. Minah is seen winking at the camera and blowing a cute kiss and Ailee shows off her long wavy light brown-blonde hair while blowing a sexy kiss of her own to the camera. 

Bloggers commented, “They look like actual sisters,” “Both of them are really pretty,” “The puppy is so cute,” “Seems like they are having a competition for the sexiest look“ and “It is unexpected to see them as friends.”