“Gentleman’s Dignity” Lee Jong Hyuk Reveals His House

Actor Lee Jong Hyuk‘s extensive walk-in closet recently became a hot topic of interest.

On the February 3 broadcast of MBC’s new variety show “Daddy, Where Are You Going?” the film crew made a surprise visit to Lee Jong Hyuk’s place to deliver the mission task at 6:30am. When Lee Jong Hyuk’s wife opened the door, the film crew was immediately greeted by antique-looking furniture in a spacious living room. 

Lee Jong Hyuk greeted the cameras and staff with bed hair and his casual clothes. As he got ready for the camping trip, the crew followed him inside his closet which was overflowing from floor to ceiling with clothes, typical of an “actor’s closet.”

What also caught the attention of viewers was Lee Jong Hyuk’s son Junsu grabbing tightly to his father’s leg in an adorable fashion. In Junsu’s room, his mother and father showed their devotion to their son’s learning and play space with a big bookshelf full of books and a large desk. 

Five dads and their kids will be going on a camping trip to a site near a lake. Despite their busy schedules, these celebrity dads will be spending quality time with their children: Kim Sung Joo and his son Min Gook; Lee Jong Hyuk and his son Junsu; Sung Dong Il and his son Joon; Yoon Min Soo and his son Hoo; Song Jong Gook and his daughter Jia.