Kim Soo Hyun’s Pictures From Middle and High School Days Revealed

Looks like someone misses seeing Kim Soo Hyun on the television screen!

Recently, an online community forum posted a compilation of various pictures of the big star under the title “Kim Soo Hyun during his middle and high school days.”

It’s easy to pinpoint which pictures are from his middle school days and which ones are taken during his days in high school. The pictures closer to the top show him pretty much the same as now. He easily makes a variety of facial expressions from smug to smiles, showing off his natural talent.

The pictures below take the viewers a step back to a younger and adorable chubby-cheeks Kim Soo Hyun. Even when he’s younger, the actor commanded an air of confidence. Netizens were unanimous in their praise that he looks just as cute as now.

Meanwhile, Kim Soo Hyun is currently busy filming for his movie “Covertness,” which is aiming for a June release.