Popular MC Shin Dong Yup Is Still Paying Off Debts

Shin Dong Yup had a surprise mini-press conference on the new E-channel program, “Brave Reporters.”

Under host Kim Tae Hyun‘s lead, reporters from various news media outlets asked Shin Dong Yup sharp questions. One of the reporters asked, “Where are you spending all your earnings from starring in various programs?” 

Shin Dong Yup answered, “To be really honest, I’m still paying off debts. I’ve guaranteed someone who I shouldn’t have helped and I’ve also made some risky investments in the past.” After pretending to wipe of his tears, Shin Dong Yup joked around by saying, “Let’s take a break from recording,” and escaped from further questions regarding his earnings and spendings.

Another reporter asked Shin Dong Yup, “How long do you think your second heyday will last?” He answered earnestly and yet humorously, “I want it to last longer than I expect it to. It felt a little odd to receive the Grand Prize after nearly 10 years in 2012. I kind of want to know what it would be like to receive the prize two years in a row.” 

He also commented, “I’ve had different interests other than my TV career, so I spent almost 7-8 years elsewhere struggling very much. But now, I know what I want. I’ve got myself together and have been working the hardest since my debut. I finally realized that broadcasting is what I enjoy the most and what I’m the best in.” 

Also on this episode, Shin Dong Yup also talked about his alcohol tolerance, the philosophy behind his signature 19+ adult humor, and   many other things. The details of Shin Dong Yup’s surprise mini-press conference will be revealed on February 6 at 11pm KST on “Brave Reporters.”

Meanwhile, “Brave Reporters” invites 12 news reporters from various media outlets covering from entertainment/sports news to politics/social news. On the show, they talk about behind-the-scene stories about major news and/or issues and reveal any previously unknown reports. 

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