Kim Bum and APink’s Jung Eun Ji Show Off Close Friendship on the Set of “That Winter, The Wind Blows”

Co-stars Kim Bum and Jung Eun Ji (APink) recently snapped a photo together on the set of their new drama, “That Winter, The Wind Blows.”

In the photos, Kim Bum and Jung Eun Ji are seen with their arms around each other’s shoulders as they give a big smile for the camera. It’s been said that both actors are receiving much love and attention by the production team for their bright and adorable personalities. With his sociable personality, Kim Bum befriended the staff members and created a friendly atmosphere. Jung Eun Ji, on the other hand, warmed up both male and female members of the team with her cute eye smile and affectionate personality.

A source within the production team stated, “While it’s a cold and tired shoot, the two have vitalized the site with their laughs. As the two youngest people on the team, they create a very pleasant environment while still being very respectful. You can’t help but feel happy when you see them.” 

In the upcoming series, Kim Bum will take on the role of Jin Sung, professional poker gambler, Oh Soo’s, (Jo In Sung) right hand man. He can be friendly one moment and cold-hearted the next, not to mention that he’s also quite short-tempered. Jung Eun Ji plays Moon Hee Sun, the younger sister of Oh Soo’s first love, Moon Hee Sun. She’s a bright and spunky girl who’s secretly in love with Oh Soo. 

“That Winter, The Wind Blows” is Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung’s comeback piece to dramaland. Song Hye Kyo takes on the role of Oh Young, the sole heiress to a giant conglomerate. She lost both her parents and her eyesight, making her extremely self-protecting and lonely. Jo In Sung plays Oh Soo, a playboy and a gambler who sets his eyes on his next target, Oh Young.

“That Winter, The Wind Blows” will premiere on SBS on February 13, at 9:55PM KST.