Gong Yoo Appeared at the “Big” Drama Concert for 17,000 Fans

Gong Yoo appeared at the “Big” drama concert which was held at the Tokyo Budokan on February 16. Once word broke out in Japan that Gong Yoo would be visiting Japan, nearly 17,000 fans and 40 different media sources joined the event.

Gong Yoo spoke about the open-ending for the drama, “I don’t think it matters that much if the person that was in front of Daran was Kyung Joon or Yoon Jae. If you the viewer, sees that man as who you want it to be, (Either Kyung Joon or Yoon Jae) it will always be a happy ending no matter what.”

During the fan meeting, Gong Yoo actually dressed up in his doctor’s clothes. He stated, “The female fans seemed to really like Seo Yoon Jae’s role in the drama. That is why I have prepared this especially for the female fans.”

After spending about 2 hours talking and answering questions, Gong Yoo sang the OST of “Big,” “Because It Was You.”

Once it was time to wrap up the event Gong Yoo stated, “I was so happy because I got to meet fans in such a long time, it was a great moment. I will try to continue to prepare hard and have a successful Kobe performance.”

The “Big” drama concert will continue on at the Kobe, Kobe World Memorial Hall on February 16.