Lee Jong Suk Says Lee Na Young Is His Ideal Girl for “Campus 10” Pictorial

Lee Jong Suk has been chosen as the cover model for the February edition of “Campus 10.” Along with Lee Jong Suk’s “My Gym Class” themed photo shoot, his interview was also printed in this magazine.

Lee Jong Suk displayed a multitude of charms, showing off his cutesy, pure and masculine sides. Originally being a model with a height of 187cm, Lee Jong Suk perfectly pulled off the sporty look with his long and lean body frame.

During the interview, Lee Jong Suk admitted that it was really hard to get into his Go Nam Soon character in the recently ended drama, “School 2013,” so he would go into the editing room often to monitor himself. He added, “Through this drama, I think I matured a lot as an actor and I also gained a really good friend, Kim Woo Bin.”

A popular and lasting scene from “School 2013” was when Nam Soon recites a poem called “Flower” that goes, “It is beautiful when seen up close. It is loveable when seen for a long time. You are like that too.” Lee Jong Suk admitted that when he first saw these lines in his script, it made him cringe and even while he was acting it out, his fellow co-stars would laugh and make NGs. But he said, “Even so, those lines gave me a lot to think about.”

When asked about his ideal type, Lee Jong Suk answered, “I’m a fan of Lee Na Young,” and “I think a girl who can go to the supermarket in just a hoodie and pajamas is really attractive.”

Lee Jong Suk also talked about his school days and his favorite subjects to study. He also shared how he and his friends would participate in many workshops on filming and writing scenarios when he was in college.

Check out Lee Jong Suk’s “Campus 10” photos below!