G-Dragon, 2NE1 and Lee Hi Will Make Comebacks in March

Awesome news for YG fans! The month of March just got that much brighter!

The news that Big Bang’s G-Dragon, 2NE1 and Lee Hi will make a comeback in March is stirring the music industry abuzz.

All three singers have impacted the K-Pop industry last year. G-Dragon promoted with his group Big Bang and swept the music charts the first half of last year and continued that momentum with his solo album for the latter half. 2NE1’s digital single “I Love You” stayed at the top of the charts for a long time in 2012 while Lee Hi smashed everyone’s expectations by quickly grabbing the top spots on the music charts with her debut track “1,2,3,4” and her follow up “Scarecrow” also had a lot of plays.

So far, Lee Hi has been confirmed to make her comeback on March 1. YG’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk expressed, “I believe that Lee Hi, who has a voice unlike any other in the market, will help spread K-Pop. I believe that this is the job of the producer. We will achieve the results if we do our best to support her studio album.”

Many industry insiders are already fascinated with who will come out on top for the month of March. Many believe that other agencies and production companies are waiting intently for more updates regarding the three singers’ promotion plans.