Huh Gak Reveals the Meaning Behind his Tattoo

Singer Huh Gak revealed the meaning of his tattoo in an interview with “Interview Daily” on February 6.

Huh Gak’s tattoo gained great interest from netizens when the cover for his new album “Little Giant” was revealed. It did not take long for netizens to realize that the image on the album cover was similar to the tattoo Huh Gak had revealed back in 2011. “I knew about the interest. I showed my tattoo when I was explaining the album cover, and I think that’s how people became interested,” the singer explained.

Huh Gak explained that he got his tattoo after winning “Super Star K2” to mark his journey in becoming a singer. “Back then I tried to think about how I keep those feelings. I asked people around me how I could preserve what was happening to me, and I decided to get a tattoo. I considered a microphone with a crown on it. There are different types of microphones from karaoke mics to studio mics but I decided on this design.”

The crown represented his win on “Super Star K2” and the microphone represented his goal to be a singer. “Since it’s on my body, I can’t help but see it all the time. I see the tattoo every time I change my clothes.”

He also explained how he got it. “It took about two hours and a half to get that tattoo. Although it did hurt, I don’t regret it. Although a tattoo that size can cost a couple hundred dollars, the tattoo artist told me he was a fan and just asked for a signed CD instead. I’m really thankful for that.”

Huh Gak’s first full album “Little Giant” will have nine tracks, not only with his expected ballad style but also with acoustic ballads, jazz, and soft rock. His title song “1440” is a mid-tempo acoustic ballad and you can watch the music video here.