Haha and Lee Kwang Soo Slyly Grab Each Other’s Butts

Haha and Lee Kwang Soo recently drew the attention of many fans for grabbing playfully at each other’s butts. 

The photos were circulated online through a Weibo account where SBS‘s “Running Man” cast were in Macau on February 3. 

The photos captured show Haha and Lee Kwang Soo with their backs to the camera. As the stills reveal, Haha was the first to slyly grab Lee Kwang Soo’s butt playfully. In response, Lee Kwang Soo took his revenge by grabbing hold of Haha’s butt as well. 

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “What are they doing?” “That is just hilarious,” “They’re attacking each other aren’t they?” and “Lee Kwang Soo has such big hands.” 

In related news, the episode featuring “Running Man” cast shooting in Macau and Hanoi, Vietnam is scheduled to air on February 17.