Yoo Seung Chan Releases MV For “Drive”
Before Yoo Seung Chan launched his debut mini album “Drive,” he was known and loved for track “I love you” from 2008 “Mom’s Dead Upset” drama OST. The lyrics of Yoo Seung Chan’s title track “Drive” are about a couple who has separated and must face feelings of pain and regret. It carries a medium pop-rock beat that accompanies Yoo Seung Chan’s sweet vocals.
What’s especially interesting about this music video is that it reveals the intimacy in the bedroom between two lovers in the first couple seconds, revealing different scenarios of how a couple has spent time together in bed (such as reading magazines together, sleeping with their backs to each other, spooning one another, etc). The man holds up the frame of a Polaroid photo and as he moves it across the interior of his home, he is reminded of the memories he shared with his lover. Also noteworthy is the interracial couple shown, which is not commonplace in K-Pop music videos. 
Yoo Seung Chan is intent on making his debut as a “Music Guy” and serenades listeners with his warm vocals that chase away the cold and bring us closer to the feelings of spring and love.