Son Dambi’s 9 Facial Expressions For “Play Guide”

Singer and actress Son Dambi recently revealed her charisma in 9 different facial expressions from her latest drama.

On tvN‘s drama “Play Guide,” Son Dambi currently plays the role of a woman who listens to her client’s love problems and tries to solve them as a love agent CEO of a consulting company. Her natural acting skills drew the attention of viewers, as she displayed 9 different adorable facial expressions for her character. 

Son Dambi’s character is in charge of analyzing her client’s preferences and their situations while creating a strategy for them as a sensible career woman. With her charisma and sophisticated look, Son Dambi has received much praise on how she fits the role of a female CEO. 

Son Dambi has also melted the hearts of male fans with her adorable aegyo, which her character expresses lots of. Anytime her character faces hardships or obstacles, Son Dambi brings a smile to viewers when she expresses aegyo or cute actions. 

The third episode of “Play Guide” will air on February 8 and will feature Son Dambi’s character acting in an adorable fashion as she encounters new challenges.