T-ara Serves 1000 Fans Traditional Korean Dish with SPEED’s Members

On February 9, groups T-ara and SPEED held a special event at a restaurant in Bu Chun City. To approximately 1000 fans, they served rice cake soup, which is a traditional Korean dish often served on Lunar New Year.

In addition, these two groups donated 100 bags of rice and autographed CDs to an orphanage in Bu Chun City. As well, 12 children from this orphanage were invited to the restaurant to be served.

Netizens that heard about T-ara’s good deeds admired, “It is so nice of T-ara to hold a special event in this cold weather,” “Those children in the orphanage must have been very happy to meet T-ara members,” “If T-ara members made the dish, it probably tasted great.”

Meanwhile, T-ara will be leaving to Japan at the end of this month to promote their album.